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Skylanders Trap Shadow is one of the awesome swappable figure from the Skylanders Swap Force video game. There are 16 swappable figure is all. This is because there are 2 from each of the 8 Skylanders Elements. Trap Shadow belongs to the Magic Element group of characters. The swappable characters are special because they break apart in the middle, giving a separate top and bottom part.

Skylanders Trap ShadowThe top and bottom parts of the swappable figure have completely separate abilities. Therefore, you can combine the top part of one swappable figure with the bottom part of another, giving 256 different Skylander combinations.

The great thing about Skylanders is that the physical toys store any upgrades and customizations. This is no different with the swappable figures. Top upgrades and abilities are stored in the top part of the figure, and bottom upgrades are stored in the bottom of the figure.

There are also special areas of the game, called Swap Zones, where only swappable Skylanders with a particular bottom half ability can go.

The Skylanders Trap Shadow Figure

Skylanders Trap Shadow FigureSkylanders Trap Shadow is a pretty cool looking figure. He belongs to the Swap Force video game, and has blue plastic on his base to show this. as I mentioned above, Trap Shadow belongs to the Magic Element, and so his base is decorated with moons and stars to show this. The figure itself is larger that the regular toys, but smaller than the Giants. Trap Shadow looks like some sort of feline creature. He has large white claws, teeth and eyes. His fur is blue and turquoise in color.

There is a small gold hexagon on the bottom of the figure, showing which Swap Zone that he can access. The symbol on the hexagon is an eye mask. I think this shows that he has stealth ability.


A Video of Trap Shadow In Action


Skylanders Trap Shadow Upgrade Path

Trap Shadow belongs to the Magic Element group of Skylanders and so his attacks and abilities will reflect this. He is able to move around using a mystical Stealth ability. Hs is also a master at setting traps to damage enemies. At the moment I do not have any information on Trap Shadow’s upgrade paths. As I mentioned above , there is an a separate upgrade path for his top and bottom. Also, in a similar way to the Giants game, there is a choice 2 upgrade paths for the top and bottom of the figure!

Trap Shadow Top Upgrade Path

Trap Shadow Screen ShotTrap Shadow’s Top Basic ability is ‘Clawing Shadow‘ – Swipe shadowy claws at nearby enemies.

Basic Upgrades:

Snap Trap – Throw a magical trap that will snap at enemies and damage them.

Sharp Magic – Power Claw attack does more damage.

Catch! – Aim Snap Trap, release and throw it.

At this point in the game there is a choice of two different upgrade paths. You can concentrate on improving swipe attacks or trap attacks.

Me-Ouch – A swipe that knocks enemies into the air.

Nocturnal Predator – Me-Ouch does increased damage.


Gloom and Boom – Traps explode after time, damaging enemies in a greater area.

Make it Snappy – All traps are more powerful and do more damage.

The Soul Gem upgrade is ‘Shadow Striker‘ – Rapid claw attacks and release a shadowy dash.


Skylanders Trap Shadow Bottom Upgrade Path

Trap Shadow Screen ShotTrap Shadow’s Bottom Basic ability is ‘Shadow Kick ‘ – kick a wave of shadows at enemies.

Basic Upgrades:

Prowl – Prowl and damage enemies by touching them.

Out of the Shadows – Health is increased.

Nine Lives - Prowl for a short while and then cause an explosion that damages enemies.

At this point in the game there is a choice of two upgrade paths. You can either concentrate on Trap Shadow’s shadow attack or prowl attack.

Dark Magic – Kick a wave of shadows that damage enemies further away.

Black Cat – Shadow wave attacks do more damage.


Shade Steps – Prowl and while moving create shadowy foot prints that damage enemies.

Bumps in the Night – Shade Steps do more damage.

The Soul Gem upgrade for trap Shadow is ‘Living Shadow‘ – Prowl and become invisible.


Skylanders Trap Shadow Release Date

I am pleased to say Trap Shadow is now in stores!!!

Product Information on Skylanders Trap Shadow

Trap Shadow is available in a single character pack.

For more product information, click the image or text links below


The Story of Trap Shadow

Trap Shadow Screen ShotIn the past, Trap Shadow belonged to an elite group of hunters. He was able to use his cat-like instincts, mystical stealth abilities and trapping skills to catch anything he put his mind to. An evil group of wizards decided to capture Trap Shadow, and use his abilities to capture Master Eon. However, the canine hunter was able to see them coming a mile off and capture the bewildered wizards. After learning about Trap Shadow’s Skills, Master Eon asked Trap Shadow if he would like to join the Skylanders, and the rest is history!

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  1. Prowler says:

    He is panther not a dog

  2. Russell Dugard says:

    Unable to obtain trap shadow in any store Not paying the stupid money people asking foron E bay of $100 so where can I get one for the normal price of $14.99? Is thisfigure going to be released again?

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