Skylanders Springtime Trigger Happy

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Skylanders Springtime Trigger Happy is one of the new Spring Edition Skylanders to be released for the SWAP Force video game. Skylanders Springtime Trigger Happy is actually one of the special rare Skylanders figures. There are 5 of these that we know of so far including Jade Fire Kraken, Jolly Bumble Blast, Kickoff Countdown, Enchanted Star Strike and Springtime Trigger Happy.

The Skylanders Springtime Trigger Happy Figure

Springtime Trigger HappyThis figure looks pretty awesome! As I mentioned above, this figure is one of the special edition Skylanders for the SWAP Force game. Since the figure is designed for SWAP Force, it has blue plastic at the bottom of the base. Trigger Happy  is a Tech Element Skylanders, so the base of his figure is decorated in cogs and gears. This special version of Trigger Happy is basically the same as the regular Series 3 figure, called ‘Big Bang Trigger Happy’, but it is painted differently. Instead of being the regular orange color, the Springtime version is pale purple. Also, the rocket that Trigger Happy is riding is pale blue, and painted with green and lilac to look rather like an Easter Egg!


Playing Skylanders Springtime Trigger Happy

This figure should play in Spyro’s Adventure, Giants and the new SWAP Force game, in a similar way to the Big Bang Trigger Happy figure. The Springtime version will look different in the video game, and should have the same colors as the figure itself. It might also have slightly different stats, but I cannot confirm that at present. The upgrades and abilities of Springtime Trigger happy will be the same as the Big Bang version.

For more information on the upgrade path Trigger Happy, visit the Trigger Happy page, by clicking on the ‘Skylanders Swap Force Characters’ link at the right of the page

Skylanders Springtime Trigger Happy

Skylanders Springtime Trigger Happy Release Date

Springtime Trigger HappyThe official release date for Skylanders Springtime Trigger Happy is a bit of a mystery. Some websites have stated that Best Buy showed a release date of April 6, however, now figures are starting to appear on sites such a s Amazon and eBay. What we do know is that this figure will be part of the  Springtime Edition, along with Punk Shock and Fryno, and all three have special packaging. The box is actually shaped and decorated like an Easter Egg.


Product Information on  Springtime Trigger Happy 

This figure will be sold in a single character pack. As I mentioned above, this toy has special packaging to show that it is Spring Edition figure. The box for Springtime Trigger Happy is orange with yellow and green Easter egg type patterns, and the box is slightly egg shaped.

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