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Skylanders Doom Stone is one of the swappable figures from the new Skylanders SWAP Force video game. The swappable figures are new to the Skylanders franchise, and can break apart in the middle. The top and the bottom of each swappable figure has its own upgrade path. There are 16 different Skylanders figures, giving 256 different combinations, and therefore 256 new figures. The Portal of Power is able to detect which top and bottom are added, and create that character in the video game. Doom Stone has still not been released.

The Skylanders Doom Stone Figure

Skylanders Doom StoneDoom Stone is a SWAP Force figure, and so has blue plastic on the base of the toy. This figure will not work in either the Giants or Spyro’s Adventure game. He belongs to the Earth Element group of figures, and all the characters in this group have a base that is decorated with brown rocks and blue crystals. Swappable figures like Doom Stone are bigger than regular Skylanders but smaller than the Giants. They all have a gold hexagon on the base, that has a black symbol in it. Doom Stone has a symbol of a whirlwind, which means that he has the ability to Spin. Swappable figures unlock special areas of the game called Swap Zones, where only those figures with that particular skill can enter. Doom Stone can enter any area with the spin symbol.

Doom Stone looks like a stone warrior. He is made up of gray rocks and has a helmet and shield that look slightly Roman. His helmet, shield, belt and column weapon are decorated in green crystals.


A Video Of Doom Stone in Action


The Upgrade Path Of Skylanders Dooms Stone

As I mentioned above, the swappable figures have separate upgrade paths for the top and the bottom of the figure. Also, there is a choice of 2 upgrade paths for the top and the bottom of the figure!


Skylanders Doom StoneThe Skylanders Doom Stone Top Upgrade Path

The top basic ability is ‘Column Club’ – Swing a heavy column at enemies.

Basic Upgrades:

Living Statue – Block attackers, which then turn to jade for a short time.

Reject and Reflect – Block projectile attacks, which are then deflected back to enemies and turn them to jade

Column Duty – Charge the Column club, and then release to cause major damage.

You can then choose a choice of two upgrade paths

Falling to Pieces – Charge Column Duty, and when released column breaks up and pieces damage enemies over a wider area.

Doom StoneClub Doom – Column Duty does even more damage


Cracking Up - Enemies turned to jade burst and the shards cause damage to more enemies

More Doric Warfare – Block attacks and do more damage to blocked attackers

The Soul Gem upgrade or the top part of Doom Stone is ‘Stoney Stars’ – Enchanted snakes on the shield come alive and damage enemies that you are blocking


The Skylanders Doom Stone Bottom Upgrade Path

Doom StoneThe bottom basic ability is ‘Stoney Spin’ – Attack nearby enemies, and charge stoney belt. They longer the belt is charged the more damage it causes.

Basic Upgrades:

Spin Right Around – Spin and then bounce around nearby enemies.

Revolutionary Belt – Spinning does increased damage.

Speedy Spinner – Increase speed that the belt is spinning, to increase speed.

At this point you can decide to one of two different paths

The Harder They Fall – Charge a spin, bounce around knocking enemies. The last enemy is thrown in the air and when it lands it damages the other nearby enemies.

Spinball King – Spin Right around does increased damage.


Jaded Spin – Shoot Jade projectiles at enemies while spinning.

Belt Pelters – Jade projectiles do increased damage.

The Soul Gem upgrade for Dome Stone is ‘Spin The Tables’ – During the 4th spin, enemies in a certain radius are damaged.


Product Information on Skylanders Dome Stone

Skylanders Doom Stone is sold in a single character pack.

It is not yet on sale.

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